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.Special Collections & Archives: About SCA

Introduction to Booth Library's Special Collections - visiting, search tools, collections, etc.

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Booth Library's Special Collections & Archives
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Special Collections & Archive Hours:
Opens when Library opens,
Closes 1 hour before Library closes.

Wooden Loom

Wooden loom with cotton thread, tapestry celebrating D & E College Baseball. Artist unknown, date unknown.

1910 Acta

Early student newspaper

Palm Book, 18th century

About Palm Book

Estimated age: Late 18th century 

Language: High Ceylonese (variation of Sanskrit)

Subject of book: “Prescriptions for medicinal remedies” - Forward Magazine, July 1970 

Dimensions: 10” long x 2 ¼” wide

Number of pages: 74, pages are made from palm leaves. 

Front and back covers: wood (type of wood, unknown), inside front (?) cover in pencil is written: 100/2

Binding: 2 holes for cords, one cord is missing, one braided brown cord holds the book together. At the end of the remaining cord is a decorative metal “stop”. It is round, approx. 1 3/16” in diameter, and concave. The metal is silver in color and slightly tarnished. Type of metal is to be determined. 

Donated by Nelson S. Knaggs of Cincinnati, Ohio in 1970. Mr. Knaggs was a Davis & Elkins College Trustee.

Mr. Henry G. Davis caricature

Davis and Elkins Family Collections

Inter-Mountain 1945

Newspapers, historic headlines.
Donated by D. Drake Dowler, '69

Archives in the press

Planning Your Visit

About Access:

The Special Collections & Archives (SCA) are closed collections. Materials are made available in consultation with the Campus Librarian or the Librarian's designee. Service is contingent upon the availability of library staff, therefore appointments are always recommended. For evening or Sunday access, (Fall and Spring semesters only) appointments are required.  SCA follows the hours of Booth Library. (i.e. If the Library is closed then SCA is closed.)

Materials will not be retrieved within 60 minutes of closing. All circulating materials must be returned 30 minutes before closing.

Guidelines for using the Special Collections & Archives:

  1. Be prepared to provide a current photo identification.
  2. Special collections materials do not circulate.
  3. When handling archival material, food and/or beverages are prohibited, including water bottles.
  4. Handle material with care. Turn pages gently and keep documents on the table.
  5. Do not flatten bound volumes or rest your hand, arm or any object on any materials.
  6. Photographs are permitted (no flash), but digital reproductions are for personal research or private study only.
  7. Researchers must secure written permission in order to publish (online or in print), reproduce or reprint materials. Consult with the Library Director.
  8. The amount of archival material that can be reviewed at one time is limited. It depends on what is requested.
  9. If you need to photocopy or scan items, consult with the librarian. The librarian will photocopy/scan pages for you. Photocopies cost .08/page for a black & white copy or .10 for a color page. There is no cost for digital scanning.
  10. The researcher assumes all responsibility for conforming to laws of libel and copyright.