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Elkins High School Research: The bibliography

Research Sources and Information for Elkins High School Students

Purdue OWL

  • For assistance in citing other sources (books, government reports, data sets) check out Purdue OWL. The Online Writing Lab (OWL) of Purdue University.
  • The Library has the current APA, MLA and Chicago style manuals at the Information Desk.

Citation example for e-journal article



F. Citing your resources - Being ethical

Formal college papers are formatted in a precise way. The common formatting styles are APA (American Psychological Association); MLA (Modern Language Association); and the Chicago style. There are hundreds more but these are the top three.

These styles will teach you how to format a paper. They cover every aspect of a research paper, including the bibliography. Your instructor will tell you which style to use for your research paper.

Why create a formatted bibliography? Three reasons:

  1. When you write a formal paper you will be incorporating the ideas of other people into your work. If you use someone's idea you must give them credit.This is the ethical use of information - give credit where credit is due.
  2. You are writing a paper that proves you understand a topic or idea. This includes an understanding of what other people think about your chosen topic. How well do you incorporate these ideas into your research project? One criteria for proving your understanding is by submitting a properly cited paper and bibliography.
  3. You are also learning how to communicate in a professional setting. College students all over the country, who have declared the same major as you, are learning these same skills. For example, if your profession uses the APA format and, after graduation your supervisor hands you a report written in the APA style, you will understand how to present a professional response.

The Library has the current APA, MLA and Chicago style manuals at the Information Desk. For further assistance, check out these links: