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Collections: General Collections

The books!

  • How are the books organized?

The largest part of the collection (the General Collection) uses the Library of Congress classification system because this system allows for the very specific subjects that are used in research. 

  • How do I search for a book?

Use the Library Catalog to locate Library resources.

  • Where are the books?

Books in the General Collection can be checked out & are located on the 1st and 3rd floors.

Call numbers beginning with A-K are on the 3rd floor, and L-Z are on the 1st floor.

  • How do I check out a book?

If you have a valid D&E ID, that is your library card. If you are a resident of Elkins you may register as a community patron. Borrowing details are HERE.


courtesy Yavapai College Library

Library of Congress Classification System

A-K (located on 3rd floor)

A   General Works – includes encyclopedias, almanacs, indexes

B -BJ   Philosophy, psychology

BL-BX   Religion

C   History – includes archaeology, genealogy, biography

D   History – general and eastern hemisphere

E-F   History – America (western hemisphere)

G   Geography, Maps, Anthropology, Recreation

H   Social Science

J     Political Science

K     Law (general)

KF   Law of the United States

L-Z (located on the 1st floor - basement level)

L   Education

M   Music

N   Fine Arts – includes architecture, sculpture, painting, drawing

P-PA   General Philosophy and Linguistics, Classical Languages, and Literature

PB-PH   Modern European Languages

PJ-PM   Languages and Literature of Asia, Africa, American Indians, Artificial Languages

PN-PZ   General Literature, English and American Literature, Fiction in English, Juvenile Literature*

Q   Science – includes physical and biological sciences, math, computers

R   Medicine – includes health and human sexuality

S   Agriculture

T   Technology

U   Military Science

V   Naval Science

Z   Bibliography, Library Science


*Juvenile Literature: the location "D&E Juvenile" in the Library Catalog, is on the 2nd floor (entrance level).