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Copyright & Reserves: Motion Pictures & Online Video

  • Online Video = User generated video (e.g. remixes; memes; mash-ups)
  • Motion Picture or movie = filmed story produced by a company (e.g. Disney; MGM; Netflix)

The specialists

Motion Pictures

Within limits instructors can show motion pictures in their classroom (on campus or online classroom).

Here are the conditions upon which a film can be viewed in the classroom:

  • A motion picture used in the classroom must have been obtained legally. The movie must be legitimate; not copied, not bootlegged. It should have been purchased in good faith or is owned by the college library. Movies that have been legally rented by the instructor may also be viewed in the classroom.
  • The movie needs to be viewed in the classroom or in a space designated for classroom use, and the instruction is occurring through a Nonprofit Educational Institution.
  • It can be proven that the movie being viewed is important to the instructor’s curriculum, and not being viewed strictly for entertainment.

Under the TEACH Act instructors of online courses can show films. There are additional restrictions; the institution should take precautions so the protected works cannot be illegally distributed (e.g. put behind a password protected wall and the film should be removed from the online platform as soon as possible.)