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Capstone Research: Nov 2022

At the end of their academic career, graduating Seniors present a Capstone Project. The project reflects a student's understanding of research within their chosen discipline. This website endeavors to preserve information about their originial reseach.

16 November 2022, 3:00 - 5:00pm

Babcock, Megan (Oral Presentation) “Field Apprenticeship: Brethren Woods Camp & Retreat Center.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Douglas.

Forand, Haliegh (Oral Presentation) “Implementing Math Fluency Games Within the Classroom.” Faculty Advisor:  Prof. Kenna Barger.

Garris, Benjamin (Oral Presentation) “The Inn at Little Washington.” Faculty Advisor: Prof. Melanie Campbell.

Jiwh Santos Jiwh (Oral Presentation) “Great Food and a Greater View.” Faculty Advisor: Prof. Melanie Campbell.

Lenertz, Jacob (Oral Presentation) “Cedardell Golf Course.” Faculty Advisor: Prof. Melanie Campbell.

McGillan, Zachary (Poster Presentation) “Community Math Trunk: Crazy, Cool Circumference.” Faculty Advisor:  Prof. Kenna Barger.

Ruf, Anna (Oral Presentation) “West Virginia Teachers: Their Passion & Dedication.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. Danielle Riggins.

Ruf, Anna (Poster Presentation) “Community Math Trunk: All About Ratios.” Faculty Advisor:  Prof. Kenna Barger.

Walton, Jessica (Oral Presentation) “Human Experimentation of World War II.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. James Smith.

Watson, Emma (Oral Presentation) “The Actor’s Nightmare.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. Aubrey Helene Neumann.

Wickham, Ryan (Oral Presentation) “Travel Perspectives before and after COVID-19.” Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alexandros Sivvopoulos.