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Accessing from off campus

To access a library database from off-campus, 
start at Welcome To Booth and then follow the steps below…

Step 3: At the Microsoft Sign in enter your D&E username and password.
Username: Is your full D&E email (e.g.
Password is your Microsoft/Sakai password


If you click one of the Library's electronic resources and see the Microsoft Sign In then

Your username = Your D&E email address (e.g.
Your password = Your Sakai password.


If instead you see a logo labeled ACA:

Your username is your full name, first name then last name (e.g. Booth Library)
Your password is your six digit college ID number.

Your College ID is your Library Card. To access your library account your username is your full name and your password is your college ID number.

To review what you have checked out or renew your library materials online, start here at  Welcome To Booth and follow the steps below:

About Step 3: Your username/password for your library account:

  • Your username is your name, as you would type it, first name then last name (e.g. Booth Library)
  • Your password is your College ID number.

FYI:  If the system does not allow you to renew your material, the renewal limit has been reached, return the materials or contact to request an extension.


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