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eReaders & Apps: Intro

Learn how to view/utilize eResources using all of your devices.

Booth Library provides access to tens of thousands full text electronic sources. These sources can be viewed from anywhere in the world on any number of devices. Explore this guide to learn how to find, view, and download electronic resources.

General Information

Reading electronic resources

eBooks/journals are easy to read online using a computer or a mobile device, as easy as a click! To read one of the Library's electronic sources online, you will usually only need:

  • a computer/device with an Internet connection
  • PDF viewing software (e.g. Acrobat Reader)
  • an up-to-date web browser. 

Some eSources have their own inbuilt reader which displays content similar to PDF reader, however most publishers have developed their PDFs to be read with standard readers such as Adobe Acrobat Reader, available through both Play Store or Apple's App Store.

If using a tablet or phone, it is recommended that you select the EPUB format (if offered) to read an online source (e.g. eBook) rather than the PDF, because the  EPUB version automatically re-sizes the document to fit your screen.

About Kindles: Using Amazon's Send to Kindle options, allows you to send eBook pdfs to any kindle device or Kindle app on iPhone or Android devices. Note: For some "Send to Kindle" deliveries you will have to use your kindle email address.